June 24, 2012

Crossing the finish line

Phew! The last three weeks have been rather stressful. I've been really busy searching for, creating and implementing the last missing sound effects. As most of you certainly know, the submission deadline for Dream.Build.Play 2012 ended on June 12 and it had been our goal to submit a mostly final build of Face-Plant Adventures. We actually managed to get the game finished for the challenge but not without some hassle. While testing the build intended for submission the night before the deadline, I discovered a major bug in our switch mechanics which could get the player stuck in a cave in one level. It's always worrying to change  part of such an essential gameplay mechanic shortly before a submission, but we could fix the issue just in time and you can now find our game in the DBP 2012 gallery!

I spent the following nights further testing the game but only found some minor issues that I fixed right away. I also added some additional messages and buy dialogs for the game's trial, which will feature the first three levels. Last tuesday night, a week after the DBP submission, we uploaded the final build to Peer Review where it is now waiting to be checked and approved by fellow App Hub members. Initially, we had planned to release the game in June, but with Peer Review it's hard to tell when the game will get the approval to be published. So it might well be July before you can find the game on the marketplace for a mere 80 MSP.