Face-Plant Adventures

Feedback from developers who tested and reviewed Face-Plant Adventures in App Hub Peer Review:

"This is a fun, addictive game. Like the music and sound effects and the sillyness of the dialog. Good visuals and gameplay." (Gnol Wehttam Inc.)

"Gotta say - this game is hard! In a good way that I know folks that enjoy platformers will like. [...] great visuals (Face-Plant is creepy), great sound (really catchy tunes and effects everywhere) and lots of polish. Love that you implemented an achievement system!" (BA Productions)

"I really love the feel and concept of the game. Controls are so tight and intuitive. Music is really good too." (Facepuncher Worldwide LLC)

"I had a lot of fun playing through and it should be really cool having the online scoreboards. Nice level and gameplay mechanic variety." (Nebula Game Studios)

"Great game and super polished." (Flump Studios)

"I had a lot of fun playing this and trying to 100% the levels." (Califer Games)

"It's a really fun and solid game. I really enjoyed the gameplay." (Meruvia Game Studio)

"Very solid platformer, controls work and everything flows smoothly." (Elite Gudz Corp.)

"Really feeling the music and sound design..." (Markus Axelsson)

"...a completely solid game all around. It's a bit difficult, but that's part of the fun!" (mseifullah)

"...the game is just as fun as all the old school platformers I grew up playing." (Reactor5)

"Nice platformer you have here. I like the style, art, mechanics, it all works together very well." (Gideon Games Inc.)

Reviews - good and bad - from gaming websites and blogs dedicated to Xbox Live Indie Games:

The Meh 👎

"In terms of picking this up I can only really suggest hardcore speed runners who haven’t ended up on one of the many other games aimed at them pick it up [...]. Otherwise the game justifies its price tag but doesn’t excel beyond it at all really."
Indie Gamer Chick:
"In its favor, Face-Plant Adventures has some genuinely wonderful moments, and does sometimes stand on its own, out of the shadow of Super Meat Boy.  And against it?  Most of the levels are boring, it’s too slow-paced [...], the graphics obscure too much, and the last boss is so annoying [...].  So ultimately, Face-Plant becomes the “close but no cigar” standard for XBLIGs."
"[...] the game fails to create the excitement and twitch-gameplay that a punishformer insists on and lives by. [...] It would have been more serviceable had it played strictly to its platforming strengths and tossed out the hardcore bits and sections. It undermines what would have been a decent (if forgettable) game otherwise. Needs less trouble, more fun."
"Face Plant Adventure is a kind of easier Super Meat Boy and more Dali [in style]. The game is quite short since it takes about an hour to do normal mode, but longer would surely have bored us..." (translated from French)

The Gaming Inferno

"Overall I found Face-Plant Adventures to be a beautifully rendered game with some annoying features. The lack of room for error in HARD difficulty really tried my patience. [...] if you don't mind a serious challenge then this game might be something that will appeal to you. In closing I'll leave the recommendation open-ended."

"Face-Plant Adventures is quite an adventure but rather than be an exciting one it is a grueling to boring one at best." Rating: 5/10

1up or Poison (via web archive)

"Sometimes, despite how well-made a game is, it still manages to be boring. That’s how I feel about Face-Plant Adventures."


The Yeah 👍

"Face-Plant Adventures is a sleeper hit indie title for sure. If you loved the platformers of old, or if you love a good challenging title, Face-Plant Adventures is for you." Rating: 4/5
"This game is a brilliant platformer [...]. It is plenty of fun when you just want half an hour of casual gaming. Everything is well-explained without being jarring and the visuals are pretty stunning. [...] If you have ever loved a platform game or have dabbled with trying one then this is a definite MUST BUY!" Rating: 7/10
Overall: 5/5
+ Beautifully drawn levels, smooth animation and quirky character
+ Fun, engaging and easy to pick up with some fiendish puzzle elements
+ Fun, retro-esque music which fits the title perfectly
"[...] the control system is very smooth and responsive. The gameplay itself is just fun and highly addictive [...] The audio in the game is also very pleasing and original. Face Plant Adventures is just stunning, it is beyond me how some of these XBLIG developers are making money, when they are putting out quality like this and charging next to nothing for it. Whether you like platform games or not, [...] stick on your Xbox and get this game. Face Plant Adventures is a Picasso in the Indie world [...]." Rating: 8.3/10
"I have no hesitation in recommending this one and giving it a big thumbs up. [...] Rating: 4.5 out of 5"
"Face-Plant Adventures is an exceedingly fun 2D platformer which offers challenges to any gamer with three different difficulty levels and plenty of extra items to collect once you’re done with the main missions. As it is an Indie title it is relatively short with only 11 levels, however don’t let this deter you as you would be missing out on an extremely enjoyable game. Our Final Take: 3 / 5 - Above Average"

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