oddworm games is an independent developer based in and around Hamburg, Germany. Our core team, consisting of two video game enthusiasts, was founded in 2009. At first, we focused mostly on establishing the technology and game design ideas for the first title. Actual work on our debut Face-Plant Adventures began in 2011, the game was published in September 2012. After only a few technical updates to our engine in 2013 and a long break, we started working on a new game in 2014 and are currently looking for a new artist as mazl has left the team.

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The Core Team

crash (Code & Technology)

crash started programming around 1983 on the Commodore VIC-20, creating the most awesome color blinking programs available back then. About a year and several color blinkers later, he created games on C64, selling them to kids in the neighborhood. From 1987 on, crash spent most of his time playing countless games such as Another World and Flashback on his Commodore Amiga 500, but never really got into gaming on PC. When he started writing software for PC using Basic, Delphi and C around 1997, crash soon got bored and so decided to spend his sparetime coding for Playstation, Gameboy Advance, GameCube and Nintendo DS instead. In 2008, crash bought an Xbox 360 and started creating a Giana Sisters clone utilizing the XNA framework. He totally fell in love with the console, XNA and C# as a programming language, because it had never been so easy to create software for a gaming console. When crash had a basic version of the level editor finished about a year later, he asked his workmate skaipio to test the software and create some levels. Gradually improving the editor, they soon evolved the project into what would become their debut Face-Plant Adventures.

skaipio (Level & Audio Design)

A passionate gamer since Space Invaders on the Atari 2600, skai has been enjoying hundreds of games across many platforms and genres. In particular, he can't get enough of platformers, racing games and action adventures, and in many titles, he would spend more time on a game's level editor than the actual game. He started composing and producing electronic music more than 20 years ago, when he got a keyboard as a christmas present from his parents, and was heavily influenced by chiptune music from games on C64 and Amiga and bands like Depeche Mode. His musical palette covers several electronic genres such as synthie pop rock, techno, trance, drum'n'bass, big beat and ambient. In 2009, he joined forces with crash, a colleague at a game development studio they both had been working for, to work on a classic platformer, founding their independent game development studio oddworm games.


mazl (Art & Animation, Face-Plant Adventures)

Devouring comic books as a kid, mazl soon discovered he had a talent for drawing himself. When he was bored in school, he'd usually draw doodles in his excercise books and would later evolve them into full-blown comic book characters. Science-Fiction and Fantasy being his favorite genres, he enjoys getting lost in the vast worlds of RPGs such as the Elder Scrolls series and discovering alien landscapes on distant planets that sometimes serve as inspiration for 3D sceneries of his own creation. He joined the oddworm team when his brother skai asked him to design the world and main character for their debut Face-Plant Adventures.