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In development:


Vaults Of Vvorr is a gravity-defying dungeon crawler adventure without the crawling but lots of frantic jumping, dashing, sliding and running on walls and ceilings! Explore gloomy caves, drop down huge mine shafts, battle undead creatures, enter the many vaults to collect treasures and recover the Seals of Vvorr, which are needed to defeat the evil Vvorrlock.

The game is currently in development. The first chapter called "Aeron's Descent" is available as a free stand-alone download (see below and in sidebar). Chapter 2 is mostly done while the final and 3rd chapter is still work in progress.

Vaults Of Vvorr will be available on and

  • gravity-defying retro arcade platformer action that allows to run on walls and even ceilings
  • one big overworld that can be traversed without loading times, interconnecting many caves, mine shafts and vaults to explore
  • XP system: Level up to unlock and improve skills like knife throwing, double jumping, air dashing and smashing
  • challenges like speedrun areas and bug racing
  • unlockable awardments
  • original SID chiptune soundtrack and pixel art graphics

Aeron's Descent is the complete first chapter of Vaults Of Vvorr, available as a free stand-alone download on and

Chapter 1 overview:
  • explore the caves below the Hills of Silence and reach the Shrine of Vvorr
  • plunge yourself down two mine shafts and loot ten vaults
  • compete in seven time trials and two bug races
  • recover 18 Seals of Vvorr and return them to their shrine
  • fight many undead creatures and fend off attacks from three Vvorrminions and even the Vvorrlock himself

The original Xbox LIVE Indie Game classic platformer and Dream Build Play 2012 finalist now replanted in an enhanced special edition! Available on:
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Replanted Edition features:
  • visual enhancements including new assets, improved lighting, camera and general visibility in all levels
  • improved, more responsive controls with quicker movement, including an enhanced ceiling slide & new running skill
  • balancing adjustments across all levels
  • new intro and outro sequences
  • new additional awardments to unlock
  • support for keyboard controls (gamepad recommended, optimized for Xbox controller)
Help a plant to chlorophyll-fill its destiny!

Xbox 360

Face-Plant Adventures BoxartFace-Plant Adventures

A classic platformer featuring hand drawn 2D graphics, an original soundtrack, an adventure mode with 11 action packed levels to explore, unlockable medals and awardments, three difficulty settings and online rankings.

Face-Plant Adventures was available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.