April 11, 2023

Face-Plant Adventures Remastered OST released

The genre-bending soundtrack of the original Xbox LIVE and Windows PC indie game classic platformer "Face-Plant Adventures" has received a fresh mix treatment for its new release on Bandcamp and YouTube. Fans of electronic music can enjoy a blend of rock, ambient, drum'n'bass and other styles combined in one short and crisp album. Visit the Extras page to play or download the soundtrack!

August 24, 2022

Aeron's Descent v1.0 is out now!

Aeron's Descent, the first chapter of Vaults Of Vvorr, is now available as a free stand-alone download on itch.io and gamejolt.com!

Drop into a metroidvania-ish platformer adventure and explore the caves below the Hills of Silence, where you can discover two mine shafts you can plunge yourself into to reach the vaults deep underground.

Ten vaults are just waiting to be looted by you, but beware the Vvorrminions guarding the treasures! The vault under the Shrine of Vvorr will only be accessible, if you manage to recover all 18 Seals of Vvorr from under the Hills of Silence, though. The key you will find in this vault not only grants access to further treasures but will also open up the path to an encounter with the evil Vvorrlock himself!

You also get to compete in seven time trials and two bug races, all of which are optional but that reward you with a lot of experience points, which you will need to unlock Aeron's special skills. Check the pause menu in-game to see a list of skills available in Chapter 1. Reaching the shrine also unlocks boost barrels for the mine shafts, so you will be even quicker on your way down to the Vaults Of Vvorr!

Head over to the Games page to download Aeron's Descent now, I hope you will enjoy the adventure!

August 17, 2022

Aeron's Descent v1.0 in testing

After some more balancing adjustments and minor fixes, I created a new master build of my platformer Aeron's Descent and started in-depth testing. If I don't run into any major issues, the game will be released later this month and will be available in the following stores:

Aeron's Descent is the first chapter of Vaults Of Vvorr - a gravity-defying dungeon crawler adventure without the crawling but lots of frantic jumping, dashing, sliding and running on walls and ceilings! Explore gloomy caves, drop down huge mine shafts, enter the many vaults to collect treasures, battle undead creatures and recover the Seals of Vvorr!

Check out the new Chapter 1 Trailer and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and TikTok for updates!

June 6, 2022

Brand new Battle Trailer and Chapter 1 re-release

"Aeron's Descent", the first chapter of Vaults Of Vvorr, has been unpublished for now but will soon be re-released (again as a free stand-alone download) on gamejolt.com and itch.io. Since the initial release last year of the first builds of Chapter 1, the game has evolved quite a bit and now includes much more content. Chapter 2 is mostly done while the final and 3rd chapter is still work in progress but is coming along nicely. I decided to re-release Chapter 1 so it reflects all the things that have been implemented over the past year such as overhauled visuals, enhanced controls, as well as gameplay and balancing improvements. Check out the brand new Battle Trailer to catch a glimpse of the exciting things you will soon experience in Vaults Of Vvorr and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and TikTok for updates!

February 19, 2021

New build of Aeron's Descent available

Build of Aeron's Descent has been released. Experience the first chapter of our retro pixelart platformer Vaults Of Vvorr in glorious fullscreen, now conveniently available in the options menu with the latest update! Previously, fullscreen could only be activated via a commandline added to the game's desktop shortcut, something only players who read the readme textfile included in the package were aware of. The new fullscreen option can be found in the main and pause menu under "Help and Options > Settings". Furthermore, the update includes a major bugfix: The player's level, skills, collected seals and unlocked awardments will now reset properly when starting a new game. A bunch of minor visual improvements and adjustments to tutorial messages have been applied, too. So now is the perfect time to check out the game and satisfy all your OCD needs while getting a jumping and running workout at the same time!

Download Chapter 1: Aeron's Descent from the Games page and enjoy! Let me know how you like it and get in touch anytime here, on Twitter (@oddworm) or via oddworm[at]gmx.com.