April 26, 2014

Sales Numbers Issue - UPDATE

The issue with the wrong sales numbers for our Xbox Live Indiegame Face-Plant Adventures described in my last post has still not been resolved and a mail from us to support has never been answered. The main problem seems to be that the download history for our game is messed up: the game was released in September 2012, but the first five months after release don't show up in the history anymore. Obviously, these would be the months with the most downloads, which are now missing for total sales and trials numbers. This is what the history currently looks like in AppHub:

December 20, 2013

Sad oddworms - Sales Numbers Issue

When we celebrated the first anniversary of Face-Plant Adventures back in September this year, we revealed that with only 210 copies sold, our game was not a commercial success at all. At least, we had surpassed the payout threshold of 150$, so once we would renew our membership we'd be able to enter our account/tax details and get paid a little something.

September 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Florence!

It's incredible how time flies as it's already been a year since we released Face-Plant Adventures to the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace. To be honest, from a commercial standpoint the game hasn't been faring well on the platform with only 210 sales so far as of this writing. Still, we are happy with the outcome of our work and consider it an accomplishment to actually have finished the project and to have a proper game out on a video game console.

To celebrate the first anniversary of our debut indie game, we will have a Birthday Raffle on Twitter this weekend with a chance to win a download code for the full version of the game. We will give away five codes and all you have to do to participate is follow the steps described below:

September 7, 2012

Face-Plant Adventures released today on Xbox LIVE

Our debut, Dream Build Play 2012 finalist Face-Plant Adventures is out today on the Xbox LIVE marketplace available in the Indie Games section. Finally, Xbox 360 players can explore the eerily beautiful, hand drawn 2D landscapes of Plantylon while they run, slide, jump and swim through 11 challenging levels in adventure mode, solving tricky switch puzzles and retrieving the lost golden leaves. Three difficulty settings provide players with a way to shape their experience, making it more or less demanding to earn every medal and unlock all awardments. The new launch trailer also released today, shows some of the precision timing, platforming and quick reactions required to make it through the hazardous environments in Face-Plant Adventures.

September 2, 2012

Release of Face-Plant Adventures this week

Some of you probably remember that we had initially planned to release Face-Plant Adventures this spring. But getting the game finished took a little longer than we expected and so the game was not submitted to peer review until mid-June. At the end of that month, the review progress was well beyond 90% when someone found an unexpected fail reason. We fixed the issue quickly and resubmitted the game after the usual one-week waiting period.

When will be the day when you press A to play?