December 6, 2020

Replanting Florence

A post mortem

When I started writing the post mortem for the original Face-Plant Adventures, it really was just about getting something done that had been long overdue. Some time after release, my brother (2D artist on the project) had started preparing a draft of an article on the art style of the game but for some reason never finished it. I took that draft as a basis for my post mortem but neither did I intend for it to get that extensive nor did I have any intention of working on the game itself again. But the more I thought about it, the more it saddened me that our game was gone for good after Microsoft had decided to close down the Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel on the Xbox 360 marketplace in 2017. We had never released the game to other platforms so it would be lost beyond recall.

While I'm dreaming of a PC port, Florence's dream in the new intro sequence is dominated by golden leaves.

I decided that this was not a worthy fate for Florence Face-Plant and tried to figure out how much effort it would take to create a PC build of the game. Being a level and audio designer on the project but not a coder, I knew that some of the required adjustments would be tricky for me, and crash, the game's original coder, had long moved on and was not available anymore. But I knew that I would have to rectify at least some of the original game's flaws or else I wouldn't be happy with a PC release.

Florence for President!

2020 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB

November 28, 2020

FPA Replanted: Awardments Guide

This post collects a bunch of videos that provide an in-depth look at the Awardments (in-game challenges similar to achievements) that can be unlocked in the Replanted Edition of Face-Plant Adventures for Windows PC. The short guides show how to master some of the 24 challenges.

Gone in 60 seconds

How to get through the Amira Cavern in less than 60 seconds.

November 27, 2020

Vaults Of Vvorr in development

During this week's PitchYaGame event on Twitter, I announced a new game I'm currently working on. Vaults Of Vvorr is a gravity-defying dungeon crawler without all the crawling but lots of fast-paced jumping and running on walls and ceilings - but see for yourself!

Players will drop down huge mine shafts, enter the many vaults to collect treasures and recover the Seals of Vvorr, which are needed to defeat the evil Vvorrlock. This mean mage has unleashed an army of undead creatures upon the once peaceful landscapes of Plantylon, but our hero Aeron is determined to put an end to the Vvorrlock's reign of terror and will dispose of his many minions with well-aimed kicks in their heads and his throwing knives.

I'll try to get a demo out next month, so watch this space for further announcements!

October 23, 2020

Face-Plant Adventures Replanted released today

Florence Face-Plant, the plantagonist of our game Face-Plant Adventures, has come a long way since the first incarnation on the now defunct Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel (XBLIG) on Xbox 360. You can read all about the creation of the original game in this post mortem. Not only have the past three months been dedicated to finally bringing the game back from the dead and making it run on Windows PC, it's also been enhanced in several ways, mainly in terms of gameplay and visuals. After taking care of strange bugs and mysterious crashes, as well as precious feedback from QA testers, Face-Plant Adventures Replanted has finally been released into the wild today. Check out some gameplay in the Release Trailer below!

Head over to our Games page to download the Replanted Edition, which is also available on other popular indiegame platforms. And I've saved the best for last: The game will only cost you a tiny little bit of bandwidth as it is absolutely free. We hope you will enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it!