September 7, 2012

Face-Plant Adventures released today on Xbox LIVE

Our debut, Dream Build Play 2012 finalist Face-Plant Adventures is out today on the Xbox LIVE marketplace available in the Indie Games section. Finally, Xbox 360 players can explore the eerily beautiful, hand drawn 2D landscapes of Plantylon while they run, slide, jump and swim through 11 challenging levels in adventure mode, solving tricky switch puzzles and retrieving the lost golden leaves. Three difficulty settings provide players with a way to shape their experience, making it more or less demanding to earn every medal and unlock all awardments. The new launch trailer also released today, shows some of the precision timing, platforming and quick reactions required to make it through the hazardous environments in Face-Plant Adventures.

Download via Xbox LIVE Marketplace website

Download via Xbox 360 dashboard:
1. From Home, go right to the Games section.
2. Select Browse Games (tile in the middle, left column).
3. Navigate right to the Indie section.
4. Select tile A to Z and browse the letter F.

Alternatively, use Bing search (from Home go left).

Read what other developers who have reviewed Face-Plant Adventures have to say about the game and what players can expect to experience:

"This is a fun, addictive game. Like the music and sound effects and the sillyness of the dialog. Good visuals and gameplay." (Gnol Wehttam Inc.)

"Gotta say - this game is hard! In a good way that I know folks that enjoy platformers will like. [...] great visuals (Face-Plant is creepy), great sound (really catchy tunes and effects everywhere) and lots of polish. Love that you implemented an achievement system!" (BA Productions)

"I really love the feel and concept of the game. Controls are so tight and intuitive. Music is really good too." (Facepuncher Worldwide LLC)

"I had a lot of fun playing through and it should be really cool having the online scoreboards. Nice level and gameplay mechanic variety." (Nebula Game Studios)

"Great game and super polished." (Flump Studios)

"I had a lot of fun playing this and trying to 100% the levels." (Califer Games)

"It's a really fun and solid game. I really enjoyed the gameplay." (Meruvia Game Studio)

"Very solid platformer, controls work and everything flows smoothly." (Elite Gudz Corp.)

"Really feeling the music and sound design..." (Markus Axelsson)

"...a completely solid game all around. It's a bit difficult, but that's part of the fun!" (mseifullah)

"...the game is just as fun as all the old school platformers I grew up playing." (Reactor5)

"Nice platformer you have here. I like the style, art, mechanics, it all works together very well." (Gideon Games Inc.)