September 7, 2020

Happy Birthday, Florence!

Today eight years ago we released the original Face-Plant Adventures on Xbox 360. You can read all about the game's development in this post mortem. The title's plantagonist Florence Face-Plant has matured and is a grown up plant now. They have applied some make-up and acquired some new skills, all of which Florence will show off in the Replanted Edition coming soon (possibly this month) to Windows PC. Of course it would have been nice to give birth to the PC version today, but you can't have a garden with lovely plants without some bugs, too.

Unfortunately, I found some strange issues in the master build that never occurred in debug or release builds before. One of the issues prevented players from finishing levels because switches didn't work properly anymore. Switches are used heavily throughout the game for puzzles and to deactivate or toggle blocks walling off certain areas of a level. Switches targeting more than one wall would have a wrong intial state in the master build so that walls would be present on level start that were not supposed to be activated at that point. Some walls couldn't be switched off at all anymore.

This blue switch for example (top right) was not accessible anymore because it didn't properly activate and de-activate all of the blue walls it controls. Bummer.

This effectively blocked player progression and I had to go through all of the levels again to examine and fix these switches. A new master build is now in testing and hopefully no other issues pop up so we can not only celebrate the original game's birthday this month but also the release of the Replanted Edition. Watch this space for further updates!

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