November 27, 2020

Vaults Of Vvorr in development

During this week's PitchYaGame event on Twitter, I announced a new game I'm currently working on. Vaults Of Vvorr is a gravity-defying dungeon crawler without all the crawling but lots of fast-paced jumping and running on walls and ceilings - but see for yourself!

Players will drop down huge mine shafts, enter the many vaults to collect treasures and recover the Seals of Vvorr, which are needed to defeat the evil Vvorrlock. This mean mage has unleashed an army of undead creatures upon the once peaceful landscapes of Plantylon, but our hero Aeron is determined to put an end to the Vvorrlock's reign of terror and will dispose of his many minions with well-aimed kicks in their heads and his throwing knives.

I'll try to get a demo out next month, so watch this space for further announcements!

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