January 30, 2021

Aeron's Descent available now

After three months working on the project day in and day out, I finally published the first chapter of Vaults Of Vvorr last night. It is now available as a free download on Gamejolt and itch. Testing the master build still uncovered some minor issues that needed fixing and I also couldn't resist adding one final feature to the time trials. It's never a good idea to implement a new feature shortly before release. But I missed this one sorely during testing and just had to get it in there: When viewing a time trial, a green checkmark now indicates whether you've already mastered it. What's still missing is a timer in the HUD, though. I also tweaked the second bug race of the chapter and made it a bit easier to leave those nasty bugs behind.

Depending on your play style, Chapter 1 will take somewhere between 30 minutes and one hour to finish (probably longer the first time around). After you've (literally) dropped into the adventure, you get to explore the caves below the Hills of Silence, where you can discover two mine shafts you can plunge yourself into to reach the vaults deep underground. Nine of these vaults are just waiting to be looted by you, but beware the Vvorrminions guarding the treasures! The vault under the Shrine of Vvorr will only be accessible, if you manage to recover all 17 Seals of Vvorr from under the Hills of Silence, though. You also get to compete in seven time trials and two bug races, all of which are optional but reward you with a lot of experience points, which you will need to unlock Aeron's special skills. Luckily, you can unlock boost barrels for the mine shafts, so you will be even quicker on your way down to the Vaults Of Vvorr!

Head over to the Games page to download Chapter 1: Aeron's Descent now, I hope you will enjoy the adventure! Feedback is very much appreciated, so if you have any suggestions or issues to report, feel free to get in touch here, on Twitter (@oddworm) or via oddworm[at]gmx.com.

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