June 6, 2022

Brand new Battle Trailer and Chapter 1 re-release

"Aeron's Descent", the first chapter of Vaults Of Vvorr, has been unpublished for now but will soon be re-released (again as a free stand-alone download) on gamejolt.com and itch.io. Since the initial release last year of the first builds of Chapter 1, the game has evolved quite a bit and now includes much more content. Chapter 2 is mostly done while the final and 3rd chapter is still work in progress but is coming along nicely. I decided to re-release Chapter 1 so it reflects all the things that have been implemented over the past year such as overhauled visuals, enhanced controls, as well as gameplay and balancing improvements. Check out the brand new Battle Trailer to catch a glimpse of the exciting things you will soon experience in Vaults Of Vvorr and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and TikTok for updates!

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